Intec Promo Board easily produce short-run on-demand promotional packaging and point of sale

Easy-to-use Intec Promo Board makes it possible to produce short-run, on-demand promotional packaging such as folders, boxes, desk tidies, sleeves, tent cards and calendars, CD cases and door hangers. This durable board is available in either Perf & Tab or Trim & Tape varieties and is pre-cut for additional ease.

Intec Promo Board is ideally suited for use with the Intec range of heavy stock colour digital printers.

The Intec Promo Board Variety Pack includes:

10 x 2 up CD Wrap

10 x 1 up Desk Tidy

10 x 2 up Golf Ball Box

10 x 3 up Tent Card Tall

10 x 2 up Tent Card Low

10 x 4 up Door Hanger

10 x 1 up Mug Box

10 x 1 up Gift Box Lid

1 x Gift Box Base

10 x 1 up Wine Sleeve

1 x Wine Box Inner


The Intec Promo Board Business Starter Pack includes:

20 x 1 up A4 Folder – Trim & Tape

10 x 3 up A4 Folder Pocket – Trim & Tape

20 x 1 up A5 Folder – Trim & Tape

20 x 2 up CD Wallet – Trim & Tape

20 x 2 up Tent Card Low – Perf & Tab

20 x 3 up Tent Card Tall – Perf & Tab

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